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Research Director

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Markantonatou Stella

Areas of interest

  • Lexical Semantics
  • Ontologies
  • Development of lexical resources with hybrid methods
  • Standardization (especially as regards cultural data)

Stella Markantonatou holds the following degrees: Degree in Chemical Engineering (NTUA), Degree in Linguistics (University of Athens), MA in Knowledge Representation (University of Sussex), PhD in Linguistics (University of Essex). For the period 1992-1996 she belonged to the Essex Computational Linguistics Group and was the person mainly responsible for a number of CEC funded projects concerning grammar development and computational lexica specifications (LRE, MLAP).

She has been a member of ILSP since 1998. For the period 1998-2008 she was the Head of the Machine Translation Department of ILSP / R.C. “Athena”. She has coordinated both nationally funded (Schematopiisis, Proteus) and EU funded (METIS I and II) projects and has worked on thematic areas concerning controlled languages and hybrid statistical machine translation. She was a main participant in national and European research projects that employed ontologies to represent lexical knowledge (EKFRASIS) and knowledge about cultural objects (ML-Images!, byzantine icons – EIKONOGNOSIA, Corgialenion Historical Museum). She has taught in various Universities (University of Essex, University of Cyprus, University of Crete, University of Athens, NTUA) at both a graduate and a post-graduate level while the topics addressed include grammatical formalisms (LFG, HPSG), lexical and formal semantics and computational linguistics. She has been a co-organizer of a number of international conferences (LAGB 1995 (Fall), LREC2000, LFG2002) and she is a member of TEE, EETN, LAGB and TE21.


Grammatical Formalisms, MA/MsC “Technoglossia”

General info about the course

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Lecture 5 Lecture 10

Internship Reports

Katerina Tzortzi. 2013. ‘Techniques for the enrichment of ‘Ekfrasis’, the conceptually organized lexicon of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing/R.C. “Athena”: the verbs of the “medical” field.” Internship Report. Institute for Language and Speech Processing/R.C. “Athena”. Supervisor: Stella Markantonatou.

Alexandra Fiotaki. 2013. “Practice with the XLE platform: development of toy grammars of Modern Greek.” Internship Report. Institute for Language and Speech Processing/R.C. “Athena”. Supervisor: Stella Markantonatou.

Maria Mouroutsou. 2013. “Usage of the ILSP Focuced Monolingual Crawler for developing thesauri of historical period names retrieved from the web“. Internship Report. Institute for Language and Speech Processing/R.C. “Athena”. Supervisors: Vassilis Papavassiliou and Stella Markantonatou.

MA Dissertations

Panagiotis Minos. 2013. LFG parser (working on Microsoft Windows, standalone application). Developed as part of P. Minos’ MA dissertation (course “Technoglossia”).Supervisors: S. Markantonatou, Y. Maistros.