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Karamalidou Katerina

Aikaterini Karamalidou was born in Kavala (Greece) in 1976 and lived in Xanthi (Greece) until 1994. Following her graduation from Lyceum, she studied in the 3rd Institute of Professional Education (IEK) of Thessaloniki (Greece). Completing her studies in 1997 she was awarded a Certificate of Professional Formation for the Speciality of “Catering and Business Management”. After engaging professionally in the market of Catering Management over a period, she moved on to the University of North London (UK) (now London Metropolitan University) to attend the undergraduate course (BA) “International Leisure and Tourism Management” (1997-2001). During her studies and within the framework of the “Leonardo da Vinci Programme”, she worked for a year (1999-2000) at Hilton Barcelona Hotel (Barcelona, Spain), at the Group and Conferences Department as Groups and Conferences Coordinator in charge of the International Accounts. Upon completion of her studies, she attended the MSc course in International Relations (2001-2002) at the University of Bristol. Since January 2003 she works as administrative personnel at the Cultural and Educational Technology Institute (CETI) later merged with the Institute for Language and Speech Processing of the Athena Research Center.