Project Deliverables


D2.1 User requirements: analysis and comments
D2.1 User requirements: analysis and comments (supplement)
D2.2 System Specifications


D3.1 Manual of METIS-I (Java version)
D3.2 Linguistic resources: conceptualisation, design, functionality
D3.3 Mapping rules


D4.1 Architecture of system: core system, components, communications
D4.3a First machine manipulating chunks
D4.3b The first system prototype
D4.3c The second system prototype
D4.4 The post-editing module


D5.1 Validation/Evaluation framework
D5.2 Validation and fine-tuning results for the first prototype
D5.3 Automation of Validation
D5.4 The system prototype; description and evaluation


D6.1 (FP) Final Plan for using and disseminating knowledge
D6.2 Report on raising public participation and awareness