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METIS-II is the continuation of the successful assessment project Metis-I. It is an Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme, with a 3-year duration, starting on 1st of October, 2004. The project is funded by the Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project of the IST programme.


Who is Metis

Metis was the daughter of Titan Ocean and the mother of goddess Athina, the goddess of wisdom. When Metis got pregnant from Zeus, Gaea told him that after his daughter was born, Metis would get pregnant again, with a son this time, who would rule the world. To avoid this, Zeus swallowed pregnant Metis, just like Cronus had done when he swallowed up his own children in order to block succession. Metis gave birth to her daughter inside Zeus' head! Athina was born from Zeus' head, after Hephaestus split it open with an axe. The word Metis is also used to indicate intelligence and ability, ingenious and complex thought, sharpness of mind, inventiveness, alertness and multiple dexterities.


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