Naxos, the eternal island
Naxos, the eternal island

Naxos, the eternal island

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The book is a thorough presentation of the island with bilingual parallel texts. It includes information on the history of the island, the archaeological sites and findings, the environment, the economy, the architecture, the churches and monasteries as well as numerous photographs. It is also a user's guide for the respective DVD-ROM, including content from the electronic edition. The aim of the series is to offer a structured thesaurus of knowledge about the island that will point out its cultural distinctiveness.

  "A lot of sweetness in this island, very quiet, the faces of the people good-natured ... and the sea calm". This is how Nikos Kazantzakis described Naxos in his book "Report to Greco".
Naxos rises proud and imposing in the centre of the cycladic islands. Scenes of the unique landscape and history are forever imprinted in our memory. The archaic temple of Apollo, the traditional town of Chora with the Venetian castle, the impregnable towers, the sandy beaches, the rich valleys, and the green olive groves all combine to form a diversified landscape that makes us stand in awe in front of nature's creation.


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