Lesvos, the crossroads of civilisations
Lesvos, the crossroads of civilisations

Lesvos, the crossroads of civilisations

Category: Cultural Products

You will find rich material about every aspect of the life of the island in the DVD-ROM (history, archaeology, mythology, geography and environment, economy, folklore and religion, modern life). All the texts are original, and so are the videos and the music.

The content of this DVD-ROM, texts and audio-visual material, is structured in a way that allows the user to navigate effectively, according to his/her requirements concerning information access and retrieval.

  • In the Subject Areas the material in structured in a multi-level way.
  • In the Library the user can very easily search for a specific piece of information that he is interested in.
  • The user has the possibility to follow the Recommended Routes and virtually tour the island, discovering all the places of natural beauty and historic interest.
  • In the Museum he can see some of the most important exhibits of the island's Archaeological Museum.



The "Lesvos" DVD-Video is a film - travelogue to the island of olive trees and artists. The island which -being at the borders of Greece- connects two worlds, the West and the East.

Maria Hatzimihali-Papaliou's cinematic lens captured all those elements, which render the particular identity of the island of Lesvos, the history, the people, the fables and religion.

The main features of the DVD-Video are:

  • Languages: Greek, English
  • Menu
  • PAL system
  • Region code: 0 

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