CLEOPATRA: A voyage through the Hellenistic years
CLEOPATRA: A voyage through the Hellenistic years

CLEOPATRA: A voyage through the Hellenistic years

Category: Cultural Products

The CD-ROM "CLEOPATRA" aspires to carry the young user away, into "a voyage through the Hellenistic years": starting from the birth of Alexander the Great, the conqueror of Asia, the user is going to watch, among others, the build up of Alexander's empire, he/she is going to take part into battles just like the one in Gavgamila, to be present at the establishment of Alexandria of Egypt, at the building of one of the seven ancient miracles, that of the famous Lighthouse, to walk around Alexandria's Museum and Library, to be invited to a symposium in Pergamos, admire Archimedes' genius, get to know Pyrros, the king with the inglorious end as well as the forceful Demetrius the Conqueror and, finally, he/she is going to attend the glorious moments of queen Cleopatra VII.

The structure of the product

The program consists of:

  • A central map and an interactive timeline, from where there is access to all other areas.

  • The episodes, the basic program units, where the history and the accompanying piece of information unfold.

  • A library, which is a reservoir full of information concerning names of places, biographies and -possibly- unknown or special words one finds in the texts.

  • A virtual museum with exhibits of the Hellenistic period.

The navigation-exploration into the famous world of that era is easily realized by means of functional words and areas, which function as links to all other parts that consist the program. This way, both younger and older users can navigate as easily and enthusiastically into a program that goes beyond strict and colorless historic presentation: a number of dramatized scenes between historical as well as imaginary characters of that era vividly animate a distant and unknown, to many, world.

Main Features

  • Original texts based on extended bibliographic studies by specialized scientists.

  • Attractive and vivid presentation of the historical period in question, by means of original illustration and attentive three-dimensional representations, animations, videos, rich photographic material and music.

  • Systematic structuring and dynamic linking of information.

Minimum system requirements & settings:

  • Pentium PC 200 MHz

  • 32MB RAM

  • Sound card and sound boxes

  • Mouse

  • 16x CD-ROM drive

  • Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000

  • 800x600 screen resolution

  • 16bits colour display

  • Small fonts setting


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