New Waves
New Waves

New Waves

Spectral analysis environment

"NEW WAVES" is a signal processing and system analysis toolbox. It includes two graphical user interfaces, which are called "Signal Calculator" and "Linear Time Invariant Systems". The first interface enables the user to perform simple operations between signals, like addition, or more complicated ones, like correlation, convolution and FFT. The second interface manipulates LTI Systems and, by using it, one can create new systems, examine many of their properties, like impulse response, step response or their spectral power density and even observe their responses to various user-defined or recorded input signals.

The signal or system resulting from any kind of processing that "NEW WAVES" perform can be stored, so the user may easily build his personal library in addition to the one supplied within this CD-ROM, that is installed, if desired, along with the installation of "NEW WAVES".

The "NEW WAVES " toolbox can be used mainly for applications, which are relevant to signal processing and LTI Systems analysis. It is also useful for academic purposes like a companion to corresponding lessons. It is currently used as a companion to the lesson "Signal and Systems" of the E.C.E department of the National Technical University of Athens. This toolbox was developed by the department of speech technology of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP / R.C. "Athena").


  • Operating System: Microsoft 9x/2000/NT
  • Minimum Disk Space: ~800Kb
  • The toolbox requires Matlab version 5.3.1 or higher


Installation-Execution Instructions

  1. Put this CD-ROM in the corresponding drive of your computer.
  2. Run setup.exe from the main folder of the CD-ROM and follow the instructions on screen. When the installation is over, the necessary files for running new waves will be in the directory that you choose.
  3. Press button "Exit" to leave setup.
  4. Open the Matlab enviroment on your computer and type newwaves followed by enter on the command prompt.