Electronic Greek-Turkish dictionary for young learners
Electronic Greek-Turkish dictionary for young learners

Electronic Greek-Turkish dictionary for young learners

The dictionary consists of 6.000 entries. It is designed for children from 6 to 15 years of age.

General features

  • Each word listed in the bilingual dictionary is followed by grammatical information (part of speech, inflectional forms, hyphenation), examples of different uses, pronunciation, the Turkish equivalent and a photo or a drawing.
  • ILSP / R.C. "Athena"’s morphological analyzer has been integrated into the system. The child has the possibility to type a word, which can be automatically corrected, if misspelled. In addition, each word type is grammatically recognized and connected to the initial lemma.
  • Every word appearing in the examples of use constitutes a lemma of the dictionary.
  • The software allows free navigation.
  • There are five ways of retrieving a word:
    • By typing the word
    • By choosing one of the letters of the alphabet
    • By scrolling down the vocabulary list
    • By clicking on the words of the examples
    • By clicking on the “vocabulary” field, which comprises all the words that have the same root with the lemma presented
  • The system comprises vocabulary and grammar exercises-games.
  • It also comprises two games that enhance the child’s concentration capability and mnemonic ability.

Minimal operational requirements:

  • IBM compatible PC
  • Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • Pentium II 333 MHz processor
  • 128 MB RAM memory
  • 230 MB free space on the hard disc
  • CD-ROM 24X drive
  • Sound card compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • Screen card 800X600 with true colour


Coordination: Maria Tzevelekou
Lexicographer: Anna Vakalopoulou
Software development and design: Giannis Papageorgakopoulos
Illustrations: Maria Glyka
Compilation of grammar terms: Spyridoula Stamouli
Turkish translation: Nilufer Calgar, Gul Oya Fidan
Games: Stefanos Paschalis, Fotini Simistira
Screen graphics design: Luisa Karageorgiou
Voiceovers: Eva Saraga, Angelos Asimakopoulos, Maria Giangou
Recording: Studio ILSP / R.C. "Athena"- Stavros Spanos


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