Chalamandaris, Aimilios

Aimilios Chalamandaris

Personal Information

Position: Scientific Associate
Phone or fax: +30 210 6875406

Areas of interest

  • Text to Speech Synthesis
  • Emotional and Expressive Text to Speech Synthesis
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Voice Transformation
  • Pattern Analysis and Recognition in Digital Signals
  • Natural Language Processing

CV data

Aimilios Chalamandaris obtained the Diploma in electrical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 2000 and carried out his thesis in collaboration with the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, with the subject: “Time-domain text to speech synthesis: algorithms for best unit selection”. He pursued his postgraduate studies at London Imperial College , which led to the award of an MSc in Telecommunications and Digital Signal Processing in 2001 (Final thesis: “Voice transformation through prosodic and spectral modification”. Currently he is carrying out his PhD degree under the supervision of prof. G. Carayannis and in the field of time-domain speech synthesis. His research interests are text to speech synthesis, emotional and expressive synthesis, voice transformation, pattern recognition, music recognition and natural language processing.

He is being associated with the Institute for Language and Speech Processing since October 2001 and he has participated in several R&D national and EU projects, such as EFONON, MUSICNETWORK, IMUTUS, HEARTS, SOL, VEMUS, MobiTalk, INTERREG-III. He has at the same time he has also participated actively in the development of ILSP’s products such as All Greek to Me! and Ekfonitis+.

Aimilios is currently a member of the Speech Synthesis Team at ILSP and actively participates in the R&D of new technologies and algorithms for speech analysis, processing and synthesis.