Publication - Context Aware E-Support in E-Maintenance


Context Aware E-Support in E-Maintenance

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Year: 2012
Authors: Nikos Papathanasiou; Christos Emmanouilidis; Petros Pistofidis; Dimitriοs Karampatzakis
Book title: APMS 2012 - Advances in Production Management Systems
Address: Rhodes, Greece
Organization: IFIP
Date: 24-26 September 2012
Mobile learning is a powerful addition to the tool set offered by e-Learning solutions. It can extend current e-Learning benefits to provide support and training everywhere, anytime and to anyone registered to have access and with affordable costs. Mobile devices with substantial computational, networking and storage capabilities are ubiquitous today. However, attempts to employ them in training are mostly addressing educational needs of end users with existing competencies in computing, such as students. We propose the development of a specially built mobile learning solution with the aim to provide e-Support to technicians within an e-Maintenance framework. This system will be backed and collaborate with a Learning Management System platform in order to provide on the spot aid and adequate supporting content to maintenance personnel.