Department - Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage


The department of Cultural Heritage aims at the preservation, protection and diffusion of cultural heritage through the application of modern technologies. Based on its scientific personnel and the computing and multimedia equipment and facilities of the Institute, the Cultural Heritage department directs its scholarly research in the field of Humanities according to the modern needs and demands.

The monuments of art and literature dated from Antiquity until the 20th century, is the major subject of interest. The application of the modern technologies to them is the focus of the Unit, with a particular emphasis in the development of multimedia databases, 3D reconstructions of objects and sites and GIS applications. Another field of interest is the development of new methods regarding the presentation of museums and collections in ways that will attract, educate, and be easily conceived by the general public, whereas they will satisfy the scholarly demands. Among the educational goals of the Unit is the collaboration with undergraduate and graduate students through internships and projects.

In order to achieve its purpose the department promotes and sustains collaborations with Universities (e.g. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University of Thrace, University of Cyprus), research centers and institutes (e.g. National Hellenic Research Foundation), museums (Ethnological Museum of Thrace - Angela Giannakidou, Pierides Museum of ancient Cypriot Art) and the archaeological service.

Team leader: Τσιαφάκη Δέσποινα
Team members: