The Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) is a leading R&D organisation in the area of Language Technologies (LT) in Greece and a centre of excellence for basic and applied research in the field. 

ILSP conducts interdisciplinary research, drawing on two traditions, namely linguistics and information technologies. Its activities cover all aspects of the Language Technologies spectrum, from linguistic studies to signal processing. 

The main areas that form ILSP’s research agenda are:

To complement and support its research efforts in these areas, ILSP continuously invests in developing its Language Resources Infrastructure

ILSP has successfully participated in more than 150 national, regional and European R&D projects. In this context it has closely collaborated with numerous prestigious academic institutions, research centres, organizations, and entreprises.

ILSP has demonstrated significant development performance as evidenced by:

  • A large number of innovative language tools and platforms
  • A wide range of language resources repositories
  • Incorporating language tools and resources in key educational and assistive applications
  • An active involvement into the industrial field by the foundation of spin-offs exploiting technological outcomes
  • An active presence in the Balkans

ILSP has become a pole of attraction not only for highly qualified scientists and students wishing to work on the intersection between language, cognition and computer sciences, but also for the dynamic Greek and European private sector of language and information technologies. The experience of its researchers, the close relation it holds with key Research Centres abroad and its industrial orientation are the main ingredients of its distinctive profile at national level and beyond.

ILSP in collaboration with the faculties in Universities offers a Masters and PhD in Language Technology acting as a driving force for the sustainable growth and strengthening the national competitiveness.

The continuous effort of improving the quality of our work has led in certifying our research activities alongside with products and services provided, according to the requirements set by ISO 9001:2000 quality standards for project management, software development and educational software platforms development.


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