Press Release – 09/03/2015
Press Release – 09/03/2015

The Institute for Language and Speech Processing/Athena” RIC at CeBIT 2015, 16-20th March 2015.

Hall 9, Stand A08 (

ILSP/Athena RIC will be exhibiting its state-of-the-art research activities and results at CeBIT 2015, which will be held from 16 to 20 March 2015 in Hannover, Germany.

CeBIT is the world's largest and most international information technology expo and is considered a barometer of the state of the art in information technology. CeBIT features world-class companies and research organizations as well as policy makers and experts in supporting innovation across EU.

Through digital exhibits and web applications, visitors of the ILSP/”Athena” RIC stand will be able to interact with research held in “Athena” RIC and technologies produced in the area of Information Technology and Computational Sciences:

  • New HCI environments (voice interfaces, sign language, multimodal communication, handwriting recognition, etc.)
  • 3D digitization and augmented objects and monuments of our cultural heritage
  • Educational Software
  • Data information and knowledge processing to produce new digital applications
  • International Research and Educational infrastructures and initiatives
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the field of IT, Digital Services and eGovernment.

The aim of ILSP’s participation in CeBIT2015 is the exchange of knowledge on current research and technology areas among researchers, organizations and companies, as well as the formation of future collaborations that will exploit existing research outcomes. The ultimate objective is for ILSP/”Athena” RIC to reinforce its excellence and strengthen its capacities, and to establish itself as an attractive research hub.

Among others, the ILSP/”Athena” RIC stand will exhibit:

  • Text-to-Speech Synthesis System: recognized as one of the top TTS technologies world-wide (
  • Music Track Popularity Prediction: applying machine learning techniques in order to capture information from musical data that will explain the popularity of the respective musical track (
  • Assistive Technologies with emphasis on Sign Language technologies and Embodied Language Processing (
  • Multimedia Processing, focusing on multimedia analysis, indexing and harvesting interfaces
  • Data repositories and associated web services infrastructure in the area of Language Technologies and Content Management (
  • Applications for 3D digitization: development of algorithms, techniques and tools for digitization, analysis, management and presentation of cultural assets (


Visitors to the stand will also be able to come across other activities and technologies that are developed within “Athena” RIC:

  • SimpleFleet: a one-stop solution for SMEs for tracking solutions, aiming at the commoditization of tracking and fleet management services (
  • LinkZoo: a web-based, linked data platform that supports collaborative management of diverse types of resources. (
  • AI4B: a project aiming at removing existing bottlenecks in biomass supply pipeline and developing economically and environmentally sustainable bioenergy practices (
  • GEOSTREAM: a project providing novel techniques and tools for extracting, processing, and exploiting user-generated geospatial information on the Web (
  • MoRe (Metadata & Object Repository): an easy and powerful tool to aggregate and enrich information from multiple sources in multiple formats (
  • DAIAD: a project developing technologies for real-time monitoring, analysis, and understanding of water consumption data (
  • LODGOV: a project providing innovative technologies for best governance practices for Linked Open Data (LOD) in order to produce sustainable LOD ecosystems.

Members of “Athena” RIC will be at the stand to share more information to researchers, organizations and companies that are interested in potential partnerships.

For more details, please contact the Communication and Technology Transfer Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and (+30) 2106875317,324.

Co-funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, LangTERRA project (Grant Agreement No. 285924 FP7-REGPOT-2011-1)